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"Long week, but I'll be back :)" - profile qoute 
"I love History, Geography, Science, and Nature! "

WhiteChocolate, although one of the newer users on rrrather, contributes a lot in the way of questions and comments.

No, not THAT white chocolate...

He was a guest from Kentucky for more than a year and a half, and has seen many users in that time period. He is known for loving history, geography, science, nature, politics and statistics. He also has on and off periods when it comes to his activity on Rrrather.


Some of the questions WhiteChocolate is known for are the combined history/geography questions. An example of this is his question - "During the Pre-Columbian era, would you rather have lived in North America or South America." He also asks many questions about specific ancient civilizations, and some questions about post apocalyptic futures. He is extremely consistent at spamming the site with four questions a day.


Whitechocolate is also known to be a comment contributor. 

He is known to post very smart things in the comments. He also comments a lot about what life is like in Kentucky, one of the dullest states in recorded history.