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"People come and people go. when the cycle ends no one knows." 


Any users leave the site and just as many arrive for the first time. The number of user accounts are steadily incresing and as such the specific users are being grouped into seperate generations or series based upon their user number. Whenever someone creates an account they are given a specific number unique to their account. for example if you were the 10th person to make an account you would be user 10 or if you were the 2000 person to make an account you would be #2000. Series' are divided by every 1000 users to join the site. the first 1-999 were to be known as series zero and users 1000-1999 were series 1 and so on. The series of a specific user can be found on either their profile or on their respective wiki page.

Known seriesEdit

Series zero: Alexw, jomarc, question_asker, spank, Mario561, dannys, yeahyeahmeg

Series 1: jmbsonic55, DJHazro, callumg

Series 2:

series 3: trents, lol123, Rockstarboy, funmaster13, nathanl

series 4: shady, MoNoXide

series 5: Jstansell09/alienboy51, Crayon-Box, monseg, TexanForJesus, Shinigami, appleormac, Demonic-Slug

series 6: CrazyChixo, Dreamie, Deidara, jakeg, nicka, christianr, dmj312, MrsLadyLee, brunoc

series 7: barkans, dsquared, MattG2013, dallasb, ChronicRose, megjeffxx, pinksparkles, psychlocked, Shyanna

series 8: kyoto, MikelPickle, CookieMonstaKev, Rage, Alex, helens

series 9: Solid_Snake, Aussie_Josh, scarf, matthewh

series 10: Peritwinkle, Mordecai, Danielle1217, arthurm, MikeandIkes

series 11: anameok, Canttinkofawittyone, BorogoveLM, bmonnahan113

series 12: justiceo, Slitherkeys35

series 13: Confusedpanda, MooTheMurderer, mm61675, anonymousme, Matthias97,

series 14: jbradley, dragah, rockfan229

series 15: faggot, otakumon, shadowflame20000, 7R0LL, TheLord444, SuperSaiyanGod2

series 16: Behemoth2000, PaidInFull, KayLuvsWur, XxCandystealerxX, Svamp, Tiansa, Rolex, nintendogirl

series 17: justin1105, sassynopants, RevolutioNathan

series 18: Agent34, AmeHana, Nikki

series 19: Fatpig, blakeb, Jeff, danielr3

series 20: Bryan, crawler20, chupacabra

series 21: Flabble, Bad_Wolf, Videl, BarackObama

series 22: Jadebuddha, Panthers4Life, DonkeyPunch, GeoffreyDom

series 23: CagannJ, TerryJuice, kirke

series 24: hiltoniquef,mattk2, Travis261

series 25: Helen_S (The actuallys helens)

series 26: ClaudeAlpha

series 27: waddles

series 28: dabearz123

series 29

series 30

series 31: SEXYDUDE

series 32: matthewh2

series 33: -CriticalDrive-, ChocoSkywalker

series 34: NeetDetectiveTberr, Baitalon

series 35

series 36:

series 37:

series 38: usmanc, Cheshire

series 39: AppleCupPhone-

series 40: RedEagle

series 41:

series 42:

series 43: Sodium

series 44:

series 45: MindlessPie

series 46:

series 47: Viktor6665

series 48:

series 49: DarkSith66, Noodle_Designer, chopstixx

series 50:

series: 51:

series 52: GoldenMoon78, MC_HAMMER