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User# 16,736
Date Joined July 26 2013
Status Extinct
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Gender male
Nationality american
Species human

Tiansa was a New York user who clearly placed quality over quantity when it came to questions

  • Despite only being on this site for 6 months, he made over 3,000 questions, each one of which was perfect.
  • He left on January 9 2014. He did this rather suddenly unlike most users who leave some indication before leaving such as posting "bye" on their last comment or something on their profile page. Heck, many leaving users make a question about leaving.
  • He appears to be trying to be forgotten as he deleted all of his questions and comments (he emptied this page too). It's unknown why he wants to destroy his rrrather legacy but possible theories involve a loved one dying while he was too busy on rrrather, his parents hate the site and forced him to leave, Tiansa died and his account reminded his parents of his death, or maybe he made a new account. The world may never know. However, while some may think he is forgotten, many of us know that he is forever in our hearts.
  • Archived Page
  • At one point in 2016 all of Tiansa's questions and comments had been wiped off of his profile