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Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Pilosa

The sloth is a mammal of the order pilosa. Sloths are a minority species on rrrather. Sloths are known for their savage and ruthless demeanour. They are possibly the most deadly animal on the planet.


Sloths eat a wide range of foods. Although, they generally settle for a nice plant, due to their laziness; they also enjoy a plump child. They like to go for the largest of children. Obese children are their preferred choice. Sloths like to sneak up on children while they are asleep. A sloth will crawl its way into their prey's home many days before in preperation for their upcoming meal. Once ready, a sloth will scale the walls of the child's room in search of the best point of attack. The sloth looks for any spot that will provide a quick fatal blow. The sloth aims for as much noise reduction as possible to ensure no intrusions occur. The best defence against a sloth is a dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers act as a web trap on the wall where a sloth's foot gets caught. Once caught, the sloth is left immobile for several hours. Even with this effective defence, children are still quite vulnerable.


True Facts About Sloths


Due to their deadly nature, sloths are widely hunted by man. Humans are very scared of these slow creatures and will go as far as to burn a whole forest down to kill a single sloth. This has become one of the leading causes of habitat loss in the world. The mass extinction of the sloth species has been dramatically accelerated beacuse of their recent war with the owls.


Sloths have a very long history of war. Before man conquered the world, sloths violently battled each other for control. However, after man took control the sloths quickly retreated into the forest and began a long history of eating plants and mistaking their limbs for branches causing them to fall to their deaths. Imagine living your life in terror, knowing your next move could be your last. This is the reason sloths tend to move slow. Recently, sloths and owls have engaged in heavy combat. In the early stages of the war, the owls had a lot of momentum which resulted in a lot of gains. This was until the leadership of the sloths was taken over by DonkeyPunch. DP initiated a new era of sloth warfare; it was a high casualty for little gain approach. This has only increased the number of dead sloths, but has also scared the sh*t out of the owls. Although, owls pretty much just sh*t fur and bones, so it scared the fur and bones out of the owls. This completely illogical onslaught has shifted the tides in favour of the sloths. Currently, the war has entered a long stalemate. The sloths have agreed to host the 2015 Christmas celebrations, since all the owl dens of the required size are being used to produce heroin.