One of the site's most infamous series.

Some users will create many similar questions in succession, calling them a "series". These can usually be identified from the starting words, which will generally be the same for each question in the series as well as being used as the name of the series, such as GlassofWater's "Would you rather meet" series. Some series' will take the form of a story in which each question pertains to an event; usually, the author of such a series will wait for each question to be collectively answered by the community before writing the next question so as to be able to change the story based on the community's response. Other series', called tournaments will have "rounds" in which the "winning" option will be used in the next question. Among the most unpopular series' on the site was Tiansa's "Counties of New York" Tournament.

List of notable Rrrather Series'Edit

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