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We are the invisible hand. We are the Illuminati. We came before and after. We are forever. And eventually... eventually, we will lead them into the day. ~Motto of the Diamond Elites

The rrrather diamond elites is a name given to the few who are enlisted by Alexw to be given the right to have a diamond, only very few members of the group are ever allowed in to its numbers and general knowledge of the group is held in great secrecy.


The very few members in the group are hand chosen by Alexw to be given the privilege of joining. Only the best of the best are enlisted, aside from a few users who have yet to be named. Members are allowed to enter a secret VIP chat room where they discuss site politics and how much they hate the user *redacted due to privacy issues*


There is a large number of rumors surfacing about the group.Enlistment is said to be done only when Alexw himself shows up to a users house and begins a process called "the after hours". it is then that they are taken to a special room where the individual is tested by a number of physical and mental challenges to decide the worthiness of the user. memory erasing materials have been said to be laying around the staff room at the Rrrather HQ.the group in question is said to responsible for illegal acts and others have went on to say that they are part of a even higher group of powers that are said to be the causers of the September 2008 attacks on the empirical idealization plant. when questioned by site authorities the rumored leader was said to have responded by saying "couldn't have done it, we were totally watching walking dead over at my house with burritos."