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The rrrather IRC channel is a chatroom provided for discussion of the Wikia. Administrators have @ symbol next to their name while good contributors may have a + symbol if granted. Whilst the official rrrather chat in the site can go overboard with trolls and spams, this chat has very little moderation (you won't get banned unless you're literally just cancer)

Also IRC is instant messaging, so PM'ing on this chat is the most efficient way if you need to talk to another user privately.

To join the chat, clickhere


  • Don't be a dick 

Basic commands

/nick <newnick> - changes your name  (note that your name could be taken. If that is the case, choose a new unique nick.)

/me <action> - an action

/query <person> - opens up a private message with that person

/ignore <person> - same as muting a person

/away <message> - implies that you are away

/quit <message> - quits IRC with the message

If you really give a shit, you can also register your nick so that no one else can take it. You can do this by typing

/msg nickserv register password email

Replace password with any password you want, and replace email with your email. Follow the instructions given to you.

Also, no one can see your email or password by typing the command, because it is prefixed with "/". Which means the message is not carried out to the channel.

To identify to your registered nick, you need to type

/msg nickserv identify password

Perks of registering your nick:

  • Allows you to retain ownership of your nick
  • Others can't impersonate you
  • Possibility to get a cloak
  • If you are an admin/ good user you can get mod status in the chat permanently