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rrrather chat.

Chat is a chatroom and is a part of rrrather where users can use to, as the name suggests, chat. This option is only accessable by users; guests cannot go on it. Conversation can cover any topic. Many times they border the inapropriatee and involve NSFW material. There are two options for chat: new chat and old chat. Although, the latter is generally only used when new chat is down. Some users use chat as their main source of entertainment on the site and rarely vote on and ask questions.

Accessing Chat Edit

The chat is accessible to logged in users by clicking on your username on the top right corner, then selecting chat from the dropdown menu.

Final Days Edit

Due to alexws willful neglect of chat, it descended into a dysfunctional hellhole of spam, glitches, child pornography, and stuck users until it finally collapsed under the weight of its on shit in late August 2016. Dear Leader alexw eventually took some time away from his whoring and habitual drug use to "fix chat" before quickly leaving to resume his degeneracy. Chat remained up for a few weeks before being destroyed in the September 12th rrrather terrorist attack. While the rest of the site did recover, chat remains inoperable, displaying only a hastily written note from the perpetrator of the bombing. Old chat has seen a significant uptick in traffic since the destruction of chat, although this revival is limited due to old chat being a piece of shit.

Screenshots Edit

Rrrather screenshot 2530 ayerioff