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The Rrrather: Apocalypse was the title of a large-scale movie based off the real events of the Rrrather Wars of 2011-2013, and had a budget of seven billion dollars. The movie only premiered in a single theatre, and received massive critical acclaim. But due to terrorists destroying all copies of the film digitally and physically, it will never see the light of day again. All that is left is movie reviews, promotional material, and leaked scripts.


  • Liam Nesson. Role: Alexw
  • Samuel L. Jackson. Role: Deidara
  • Nathan Fillion. Role: Christanr
  • Kurt Russel Role: LureReign
  • Jason Statham: jbradley
  • Jennifer Hale. Role: Jomarc
  • Bruce Willis. Role: CantThinkOfAWittyOne
  • Charlie Day: Otakumon
  • Will Smith: Thelord444
  • Rick James: Rick James
  • Gerard Butler: ThisIsSpartaaaaa

Other actors with unknown roles include:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • John Barrowman
  • Natalie Portman
  • Sasha Grey


The plot has been kept secret to the best of Alexw's abilities, but there have been a few leaks due to the October Hacking Incident. These are some currently known facts:

  • The main plot involves some sort of civil war caused by a recent coup by anti-Rrrather forces.
  • At some point in the story, Christianr and CantThinkOfAWittyOne fight hand-to-hand for an unknown conflict of values
  • Around

three hours of the film take place on a space station orbiting the Earth, six hours involve a vast underground base underneath New York, and 45 minutes involve a space battle between two ships inside of a black hole.

  • There will be a 2 hour long orgy on Venus.
  • The film will be around 42 hours long, and will be devided into 9 sub-films.
  • CantThinkOfAWittyOne is killed by the leader of the anti-Rrrather forces.
  • Otakumon is killed trying to save civilians from a car bomb.
  • Alexw fakes his death when the rebels try to assassinate him.
  • Deidara disappears midway into the plot to find his own path.
  • LureReign

is cornered by rebels. While he kills them all, he is shot in the chest three times and has to leave the crew. He is later bought over by YouRather and becomes a mercenary.

  • The finale involves an alien invasion in which every prominent rrrather user plays a part.