Rain is a mysterious user who has taken on several forms. Many think she, he, they, or it is a shapeshifter or a time traveller. There have been four incarnations of Rain.

The First Incarnation

The Good Incarnation
The First Incarnation, also called "the Good Incarnation", was a regular rrrather user who asked regular questions. Nothing is extremely notable about the First Incarnation, because he followed the rules and asked regular questions.

The Second Incarnation

The Second Incarnation, also called "the Troll Incarnation", was the shortest-lived incarnation of all. She asked a total of three questions involving socialism, western imperialism, and terrorism. While she seemed to be a true believer, she was only pretending in order to rile users up.

The Third Incarnation

The Third Incarnation, also called "the Neutral Incarnation", was similar to the First Incarnation.

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