Question milestones are when rrrather gains the next 10,000th question. The 250,000th question was asked at 15:01 GMT on May 4th, 2019  


Question # Asker Question (Some are too long so only the title is posted)
250,000 TalcumPowder Would you rather Answer 250,000 Rrrather questions or Get slapped 2,500 times?
240,000 nikopower123 Do You Like Candice Swanepoel Being On the Victoria Secret Fashion Show?
230,000 [deleted question]
220,000 MustaKrakish Stop waving your banana in my face, I don't even want it.
210,000 elisae When things break, do you prefer to fix them or replace them? I prefer to fix them or I prefer to replace them
200,000 Ekzymore Would you rather Hug me or Give me $200,000
190,000 SuperSaiyanGod2 Would you date someone who smoked A LOT of weed? Sure wouldn't bother me or Nope
180,000 curtisf2 Would you rather live in America with Kanye West as president? or live in America with Donald Trump as president?
170,000 [deleted question]
160,000 guest Would you rather live in a world where its very hot or live in a place where its very cold
150,000 MindlessPie Which fact is probably more true? Appleman isn't really an apple man or MikelPickel doesn't know how to spell his own name
140,000 Svamp Would you rather live the rest of your life inside a locker or you have to lick a dogs balls 14 hours a day, but on sunday you only have to do 4 hours a day
130,000 WhiteChocolate Would you rather get involved in Extortion and racketeering or illegal drug and arms trafficking
120,000 RedEagle Consolation Wild Card Round 3: Which phobia is worse? Genuphobia or Anuptaphobia
110,000 dragah Favorite music genre tournament~ [ROUND 1, MATCH 10: German folk or Christmas]
100,000 Cantthinkofawittyone Would you rather be forced to share your lady love [emotionally and sexually or be forced to share everything else in your life?]
90,000 ebroj Which Wonder Weapon Is Better (Round 4): Ray Gun or Winter's howl
80,000 FatPig The more stupid death is:
70,000 BrittanyS-Pierce  Would you rather (in 2014) Be more responsible with money or Lose/Gain weight
60,000 3vilpancake Death Battle series: Who would win Radec or Wesker
50,000 dragah Would you rather listen to Rascal Flatts or Keith Urban
40,000 Peritwinkle Would you rather be? A bird with one wing or a turtle with no shell
30,000 l_bres24 Which movie/series do you like Emma Watson in more
20,000 noahm Would you rather Get stabbed or Get shot


pikeme12 Would you rather be a biologist or a wrestler
1,000 guest(The username is guest)

Would you rather.. Have a hangover with friends the rest of your life or Be drunk and alone the rest of your life 

1 guest( An actual guest) Which starbucks logo do you like better? The old one or The new one
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