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Phenenas is well-known as the most intelligent, clever, handsome, popular, likable guy on rrrather. While some may call this opinion, it is actually fact, as stated by Pope Benedict XVI: "Phenenas is the most intelligent, clever, handsome, popular, likable guy on rrrather." [1]

A suspected sighting of Phenenas.

The Origin of Phenenas

No one can claim to know where the Phenenas came from, for he speaks nil of his origins. There are, however, many rumours about where he resides. Some metaphysicists have concluded that he is an insane hillbilly that lives deep in the forsaken swamps of Louisiana that somehow got ahold of a laptop. Others insist that he is a tiny alien who lives on a ship disguised as a large duck who plans to eventually dominate the human race. None of these are confirmed, for Phenenas answers to no one.

Phenenas Today

Phenenas does not log into rrrather much in the present day. Mostly because he found a better person in life to pay attention to. He has grown into a bitter old veteran, and claims to "hate what rrrather has become. Actually, I've always hated what rrrather has been, but I had nothing else to do. Now that I'm paying more attention to reality, I notice more and more that almost everyone on this site is as stupid as a bucket of iguana shit." Pay close attention to the "almost", of course. Anyway, Phenenas will never reveal the identity

of his beloved on-site for her protection.