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Hoot. - profile quote.

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Peritwinkle, also known as Peri, Perry, or Robin. He has a fetish for owls along with a phobia of sloths, which has developed into hatred (lolwut). He is a member of the secret-liberal-communist-homosexual-atheist FEMA Rrrather illuminati New World Order. Due to his position in this group, he is frequently worshiped by its members, which makes the process of finding members ridiculously easy. He is also known to be in a gaysexual relationship with his sloth lover DonkeyPunch, he can't go more than five seconds without him. Saying something even slightly negative about peri is the quickest way to trigger dp as he goes into a butthurt induced rage whenever this happens. His full, real name is Robin Owl Hoot. Robin can speak Kurdish along with English and some Persian. He has two younger sisters. Some of his hobbies include: croching and knitting coats made from the recently skinned hides of sloths he personally hunts down and kills for a living. He has been inactive since 8 months ago