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Date Joined Aug. 4, 2013
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Gender Futanari
Nationality American
Species Human


PaidInFull, also known as Paid, Piffy, Glenn, or Pif, is one of the more known of users on the site. She is known to be a bit of a sexual deviant as such is the topic of most of her questions and comments. She is a pansexual who is caucasian and her real name is Glenn.  While she was once a republican, Pif has shifted her views into becoming a librarian. She currently is lurking in the New York sewers, where she enjoys rape and sunsets. Some say she is a monster and others say she is misunderstood.

Her Rates

10.00$ Oral

15.00$ Vaginal

30.00$ Anal

25.00$ hand job

Piffy will pay you after she is done, either by cash or swiping her credit card.