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Date Joined Jun. 3, 2013
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Species Otaku

"Feel free to Private Message me anytime. I enjoy my conversations, and value the time I spend with each and every one of you."-  profile quote

Otakumon is a rrrather user from New Hampshire.                     


Otakumon, also known as Otaku or オタク, is a legitimately cool guy and an otaku, and is a huge fan of Japanese Culture, Art, Media, and the country in general. Otakumon is also a gamer, and is a fan of the Mass Effect and Metal Gear series. Otakumon is well-liked in the community for his kind demeanor and liveliness. So much so that he may be the only person on rrrather who can be considered universally liked even to this day. He's possibly Jesus (citation unneeded). Many of his questions involve anime or Japan in one way or another. He also held the record for the most comments and thumbs ups of any user on the site. Those records have since been surpassed by Cantthinkofawittyone. He left the site sometime during the The Veteran Purge, likely as a result of realizing how terrible the site ultimately became. He is dearly missed by anyone who matters and his account was buried in an Athens cemetery, right next to a grave that read "here lies all rrrather's hopes and dreams, rip in piss all quality content 2012 - 2015"

Otakumon in a Nutshell