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"I like cheese" - profile quote


Mordecai is one of the main stars to the hit television shows, Regular show. He acts as a park maintanace bird who works with his friend, Rigby, to goof off which usually results either God like dieties releasing all fuqing hell on the park and benson just flips his shit and nearly fires them but he never does because he secretly likes them and their foolish shenanigans i guess.  jk he's actually not the real actual mordecai but his pic and name is heavily based off of it. He doesn't act or impersonate the character from the series.

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Alex aka Mordecai joined during January 2013 and is one of the diamond elites to rrrather site. His real name is Alex and he lives in the Netherlands and loves dairy products, most notably cheese. He is currently an audio/visual film and animation student based in Amsterdam. 

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