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"Stupid is as stupid does -Forrest Gump"- profile quote 

MikelPickle is a user of rrrather that joined on December 1st, 2012. He is from Syracuse, New York, United States of America


Mikel has over 300 questions and over 3k comments. He is friend with jstansell09, Tiansa, 7R0LL,gumgoo and many more users.

Rrrather chat

When he entered the chat he has a competion (if they are on the chat) with Tiansa ,7R0LL, Satan, Peritwinkle, MittRomney, Chupacabra, and/or justin1105 saying "NANANANANNANANANANA FATMAN". He retired Fatman officialy April 5th 2014. Mikel left rrrather January 2, 2015. He has been inactive and active off and on. One second you'll see him and the next he will leave for a while, then come back. It is an ongoing cycle.