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Mathias is among one of the many users on the site. he is one of the diamond elites, an award that was given to him by alexw along with a handshake from the great Alexw himself.. he has contributed a lot since his arrival and statistics show he will probably do even more in the future. He is also extremely sexy.


Mathias joined during April of 2013. it is believed that he is of the age of 19 as the 97 indicates his birth year. he is known to be rrrather mature as a result of this. He spends most of his time being the village racist as he proclaims his hatred of the American people. His reasons for doing this is a result of a combinations of factors, such as the fact that America is a great pile of shit and Matthias97 has every reason for bashing it.

Cult leader

Matthias is said to be involved in a number of different groups. One obviously being the diamond elites. Nobody puts this status in question.
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Pic of Mathias at Pearl Harbor

. He is also the leader of Hitler praise group located in New York city. At the site of the 9/11 attack on pearl harbor, it is said that there was a lone picture of his profile at the event in question.