Rrrather Wiki

This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating a question of rrrather.com plus tips, and tricks for the future.


The question mark tab on the website.

Once you become a user at rrrather.com you can start to make questions. To start making a question, users can click the "question mark" button at the top of the page.

When creating a question you will need to think of some generally unique and good ideas that are hard to decide (people will generally like it more), and try to find two great pictures that match your question. The required fields to create a question are a title, two choices, and two pictures (to match your post).

Tips, tricks, and advice

Most of the questions that people like are hard questions that are hard to decide on, or questions that have both beneficial answers. Guests, and users do not generally like tournaments [e.x. Which banana is better? (Part 1/10)], and yes or no questions. Also when a new user watch out for other people calling your questions nooby, just ignore them. Don't try to force yourself to make a good question, wait for an idea to come to you; many users prefer quality over quantity. You can also try to make a series, but make sure it's something most people will enjoy and don't spam it.

When looking for a photo on Google try using the "More Tools" tab and increase the size of the photos. This will not only give you photos that are not too small but also better quality photos as they are usually made for the purpose of what you are looking for and not just happen to have that word in the title.

New User or Guest

Questions from new users and guests must be manually approved by an admin before they appear on the site. Hold tight, you’ll be notified when it’s accepted or rejected. In the meantime, your question is accessible from your profile page. After some time, you will no loner need approval from admins.

Reasons for a question to be rejected

There are a variety of possible reasons. Generally a reason will be given on rejection, but it could include:

  • The question was already asked
  • The question content content that is not appropriate for a family audience. Furthermore, given that the site is monetized with Google, we must respect Google’s policies on prohibited content.
  • The question is hateful, racist, or disrespectful
  • Your images suck
  • Excessive typos, or question is not clear