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LyricStyles aka MarilynMonroe joined 6/30/2012 #5914. User known as Lyric or lyrics. A person who speaks a lot of weird stuff, mainly during chat. Favorite users are: Anon67, 7R0LL, AussieJosh, Justin1105, Congenial, KayluvsWur, VannaBananna, ChronicRose, KarelDeBeer and Wolfman19.

Rrrather Nicknames:Edit

LureReign/Jagerdu: Boobear

Justin1105/Satan: Hun

Wolf: Sweetheart

7R0LL: Lovie 

Peritwinkle: Periwinkle


Music, My Little Pony, [REDACTED], Football( sports in general).


Always talk to mostly everyone. Doesn't enjoy spammers. She will mute any spammers. She doesn't like ignorant people in chat either.


This section was deleted by Tristeng because it had a reasonable chance to cause harm to other users.