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"I am a bunny named Fufu. I like carrots. Bunnies are amazing. No doubt about that." - profile quote

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Explaining who fufuthebunnywabbit really isEdit

Fufuthebunnywabbit is a special shapeshifting bunny that can turn from her usual honey colored fur (most of the time), to an angry, evil, white bunny, to a human that can type on the computer. As a human she is quite fond of rabbits taking offense to any harm happening to them. She lives in the snowy mountains of Korea as a bunny, and as a human, in Virginia of the US. Her favorite foods consist of raw carrots, sliced carrots, diced carrots, mashed carrots, chopped carrots, boiled carrots, and you guessed it, carrots. 


Another pic of fufuthebunny digging at another angle.


A picture of fufuthebunny in cute animal creature form.


fufuthebunnywabbit's image when she's angry.