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Felines are an extremely minor influence on rrrather, only making appearances to do drug deals or spread political beliefs. Felines are unique in that they mostly live in anarchist communities and tribes, while still holding geopolitical beliefs and operating on the global stage.


A Western Cat enjoying his large stacks of money.

Feline culture is divided into two main groups, the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Similar to the human's Cold War, cats are divided by the hemispheres and the politics and culture that each hemisphere has. In general, Western Felines practice forms of anarcho-capitalism, violently defend their territory, and are heavily involved in legitimate drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. On the Eastern Hemisphere, felines instead practice a form of syndicalism, in which all felines are granted equal rights. They involve themselves with the drug trade and have a monopoly on cocaine and methamphetamine in the East and parts of Europe.


Felines are unique in that they are, apart from humans, the only species that fights more wars with itself

An Eastern Cat general addressing troops before a battle.

than it does with other species. In fact, many hypothesize humans and felines make good companions because of their shared background of racial civil war. Cats fight for a number of reasons, mostly due to resource scarcity and territorial disputes. No holy wars have ever been recorded due to most felines practicing atheism.

Felines are split on their allegiences. Western Cats have stayed out of the great Owl-Sloth War and instead profited as much as possible by selling resources to both sides. Eastern Cats, on the other hand, support the Owls in spirit but are unable to provide major assistance due to their horrible economy.