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As his name implies, Dragah is a thirteen year old drag queen who is an old user. He joined May 18th 2013 and he is physically defined as a terroist by well known Persian terrorist, Anon67. He is the maker of the infamous tournament questions such as "Best rap artist according to rrrather tournament!" and "Best Post-Hardcore/Screamo band according to rrrather tournament!". He also from time to time makes questions about diseases and phobias (ex: Would you rather be diagnosed with Elurophobia OR Equinophobia). Lately he's been making questions about zombies. He likes most music genres but mostly Post-Hardcore and rock. He is mostly disliked by pinksparkles, WhiteChocolate, and anon67. His best friends on rrrather are Tiansa, Anameok, RandomGuy, Peritwinkle, WhiteSun VannaBanana, jbradley, and most importantly of all, TehEditorOfRrrather. He is one of the five who share the same birthday with four other users (Otakumon, 7R0LL, DorkyHog, and Whippersnapper). 

He is in 1st place on the "Users with the most questions" list and he doesn't know what else to put here so now he leaves it for other users to edit and add on to, mainly his best friend in the universe, TehEditor, who knows him very well and keeps his page as accurate to his user account as possible