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Users are the registered users of rrrather. Users are given certain privileges are guests do not. The users of rrrather come in every style. This has created a very diverse community that is excepting to every type of person from around the world. Users also come in various species.

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Types of Users

There are various different types of users which include:

User Rivalries

Throughout rrrather's history users have been able to interact with each other through various means. In doing so, rrrather has been witness to many rivalries. Some are short lived and others last a long time. Here's is a short list of some alleged rivalries:

Cantthinkofawittyone vs DonkeyPunch (disputed by DP)

DavidSingle vs ilovefreedom

Helens vs Tiansa

7R0LL & jbradley vs jakobb

SEXYDUDE vs dmj312

anameok vs Rockstar/Wizard/PsychedelicRenegade

MindlessPie vs AppleJaxxx

everyone vs anon67

Boo-Rad vs donniedarko

Boo-Rad & Noodle_Designer vs Kinggabe221

WhiteChocolate vs Everyone

TalcumPowder vs Julius-Caesar

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