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"I'm a nice guy. No, really!" ~CantThinkOfAWittyOne himself

Cantthinkofawittyone, also known as Cantthink or Witty, is a quite known user that has been on rrrather for some time. He has been known to mass comment and create a lot of question. He uses a quantity over quality approach in both respective areas. He's also a fairly popular and active user, with the most comments of any user and the most total likes on all of his comments, as well as the second most popular user page. He considers himself to be a genius, claiming an IQ of 148 allegedly scored on an official online MENSA test. He also believes himself to be a philosopher and has compared himself to the likes of Socrates and Henry David Thoreau. He holds quite radical and unorthodox views. He has been known to make such claims as:

Departure Edit

On April 5, 2015, Cantthinkofawittyone created a question stating that he was leaving He stated that he will join such users as 7R0LL, Phenanas, and Tberr in the "rrrather graveyard"