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"Les distinctions sociales ne peuvent être fondées que sur l'utilité commune." - profile quote

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BorogoveLM, also known as Boro, joined in February 2013, and has since contributed over 4000 comments to the site, stating that she has little concern for the quality of questions provided that they produce discussion. Her questions are frequently not intended as actual "Would you rather" questions but instead as thought experiments. Her most commented on question is the first in a series of questions concerning the nature of god and creation, BorogoveLM herself being an atheist. At the time she joined the site, she considered herself genderqueer, having no gender. This lead to an amount of speculation about her sex until it was revealed when Peritwinkle and another user found her real name on her deviantart account. Since then, BorogoveLM entered an identity crisis, announcing that she is in fact a trans-girl. BorogoveLM is an art student; she drew her own icon, as well as offering to do portraits for the community.

BorogoveLM is the sworn enemy of Cantthinkofawittyone who has stated that he couldn't handle ten more Borogroves.