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MindlessPie MindlessPie 9 September 2015

Chat glitch

There has been a glitch in chat room. May111 was not able to go to the new chat room for 2 whole days. Other users would talk for her in the room. She could see what they were saying, but she could not talk. alexw could not fix the glitch. But now, May111 is now able to go back into chat.

If this has happened to you, please report.

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TristenG TristenG 25 April 2015

Testing Wiki Source, Do Not Read

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TristenG TristenG 10 January 2015

Tristen's Dream Journal

As of the writing of this, I've just woken up from a very weird dream. I can only remember bits and pieces, and what I can remember is still hazy. I don't know if I was on drugs or if I was sleep deprivived when I was dreaming, but the dream was very odd nonetheless.

As far back as I can remember in the dream, I was a meth cook. This is actually a recurring dream, so I can't say it was odd for me to dream this. At one point or another, I tried cooking meth on my own stove and it exploded in my face. I lost track of what happened after that, but I remember "waking up" on a couch and beliving I was dead. I think I realized it was a dream, but I didn't realize it was just a regular dream as opposed to a before-death dream. This may have starte…

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TristenG TristenG 7 December 2014

A Rrrather Fairytaile Chapter 4

I will now be unofficially continuing this series. This is non-canon and is only my interpretation of the story. It's pretty much fanfiction. If you judge me I'll ban you.

The meeting of the delegates was going well, it seemed. King Alexw felt that his long years of kowtowing to other countries and playing the game of diplomacy had begun to pay off. The nations of the world were finally going to band togeth to stop LureReign's conquest of Europe, and eventually the world if they failed.

"I'm sorry I'm late," said a voice interrupting the delegates. "Despite my master's military strength, we still have trouble making the trains run on time." Tristeng has entered the meeting.

The delegates sat in a silence for a moment, some angry and some conf…

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AppropriateName AppropriateName 19 September 2014

Concerning adoption of this wiki

I (AppropriateName) intend to adopt this wiki seeing as Tiansa has been inactive for some time and has not named any admins. I would appreciate anyone input or comments on the subject before I proceed to an adoption request. Also, for those of you that are from rrrather I think it's kinda obvious but incase you are unaware I am the user DonkeyPunch. 

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BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn 7 February 2014

A Rrrather-fairytale chapter 3

Chapter III

‘SHUT UP’ LureReign screamed as loudly as possible. He picked up the cage with smurfs and shook it. The smurfs cried in fear and tried not to hurt themselves.

‘Yeah, this will make you quiet, stupid blue creatures’ LureReign teased, and put the cage back where it stood, in the middle of a dark dungeon at one of the lowest floors of his stronghold ‘You’ll never make another noise again, or I will boil you and put you in my soup’

‘Why us?’ one of the smurfs cried with his high-pitched voice.

‘Because you annoyed me with your painful happiness, always appearing on television and touring the countries…especially the nation of Rrrather…’ LureReign spat.

‘Why can’t we bring you happiness?’ Smurfette asked.

‘NO! NOW SHUT UP!’ the demon yell…

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BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn 6 February 2014

A Rrrather-fairytale chapter 2

Chapter II

‘So, where must we go?’ Mimismurf asked her companions. They were wandering through the streets of the capital city, ‘Homepage’.

The Earl of Anime spoke first. ‘As the king has already told us, LureReign resides in a stronghold close to France. We’ll eventually have to outsmart him, because his army is quite big and he is probably guarding the smurfs very well.’

‘Does he have any owl- er, allies?’ Peritwinkle asked.

‘That’s the point, we don’t know’ WhiteChocolate said ‘It seems that prince Svamp of Sweden somewhat sympathizes with LureReign, as well as Count Greyg of Romania, but we are never certain. Sometimes prince Svamp is bashing us and our nation, but sometimes he has very reasonable things to say. The king always says he’s a…

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BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn BrittanyS-Pierceunicorn 5 February 2014

A Rrrather-fairytale

A rrrather-fairytale

Once upon a time, in the happy, joyful kingdom of Rrrather lived king Alexw and queen Jomarc together in peace and harmony. Their citizens, although different in opinions, lived happily together and killed their time by answering each other’s questions, having conversations and checking each other out. Overall, the kingdom of Rrrather was a marvellous place to live in.

One day, a girl arrived at the Rrroyal palace. She wanted to go in, but she was stopped by the guards. They were holding axes and were frowning at the girl.

‘Please, gentlemen,’ she said with a soft voice ‘I need to speak with the king and queen. It’s urgent – it’s a matter of life and death’

‘Yeah?’ said one of the guards, gripping onto his spear ‘Well, you…

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