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CrazyChixo's profile with her badges highlighted in red.

Badges are a way to show a user's commitment (lack of social life) on the site. Badges show up when a user comments, asks a question, and they also show up on their profile. All of these are extremely easy to get with the exception of the crown which can only be obtained through co-op mode. The badges possible to get are below


(Last updated: September 14th, 2014)

Icon Name Description Achievements
Bronze Medal
Bronze Medal Awarded for posting 10 comments (noob tier) 3,412
Silver Medal
Silver Medal Awarded for posting 50 comments (noob tier plus) 1,032
Gold Medal
Gold Medal Awarded for posting 200 comments (unlock via spam) 528
Bronze Trophy
Bronze Trophy Awarded for posting 5 "quality" questions (noob tier) 967
Silver Trophy
Silver Trophy Awarded for posting 25 "quality" questions (spam easy mode) 194
Gold Trophy
Gold Trophy Awarded for posting 50 "quality" questions (Hardcore spam) 303
Blue Star
Blue Star get at least 10 thumbs ups on comments (noob tier) 1,810
Super Star
Super Star has gotten 50 thumbs up on posted comments (noob tier plus) 1,429
Diamond VIP, just ask alexw for one 161
Site Owner
Site Owner The creator of rrrather (hack tier) 1
Site Owners Wife
Site Owner's Girlfriend The inventor of rrrather (awarded for sucking the owners dick) 1
Bronze Crown
Bronze Crown Awarded for 5 facebook shares/likes on questions (co-op only) 193
Silver Crown
Silver Crown Awarded for 15 facebook shares/likes on questions (co-op only) 55
Gold Crown
Gold Crown Awarded for 25 facebook shares/likes on questions (no life only) 107
Male Rrrather dick version exclusive 7,479
Female Rrrather pussy version exclusive 6,133