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Date Joined Apr. 23, 2013
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Species Mexi
"You don't know me, and I don't know you. Lets keep it that way"

"I am the anti-christ and I only love my cat. Don't talk to me"

BIGDADDY666, previously MooTheMurder, is a rrrather user from North Carolina who loves cats, cows, and lifting. Her real name is Catharine and she gets high off of sleeping meds, which is usually when she shows up on the site. She joined the site during April of 2013 after boredly searching for websites while in study hall. If asked if shes drunk, she'll reply that she is just loopy. She is lazy and doesnt frequent the site as she is better known on other sites, which she will not reveal the identity of. Catherine hates most of users on the site aside from Aussie and Svamp. She also has the best ass and hips on the whole site.

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