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Asthomasa is a user from Denmark. He is known for being generally awkward, boring, obnoxious, sad, odiously islamophobic, hot, and not a particularly popular user.

The above is written by a homosexual. A fabulous homosexual, much like the man about whom this article is written. I jest, of course - asthomasa may be a homosexual, but he is by no means fabulous.

Notorious examples of racism and islamophobia

He came out as gay and genderqueer in early 2020. He also is a lover of obese pornstars.

His account was deactivated on May 12 2020, and his account name was changed to account_closed. He returned 2 days later with the account 20Thomas01. His new account continued the issues of his account, for example:

The list is likely to continue growing.

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