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"Pentatonix" - profile qoute 

Appleormac [pronounced ap-uh-awr-mak] is an rrrather user.

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A Texan who enjoys listening to music, making new friends and learning new things. Plays the piano and violin, enjoys chess and ssbm, and attends UT. Appleormac is claimed to be a "master troll" by his friends, but also a "pseudo-troll". Favorite users include anameok, Peritwinkle, Nintendogirl, tristeng, specter, slither, TheGreatEscape. pinksparkles, Mickyd, Ivan, greyg and alexw. Appleormac joined Rrrather during the summer one day because of boredum and the desire for some would you rather questions. Apple made a lot of questions, and a few made the homepage. Since then many friends have been made because of his amazing personality! :D


Enjoys going on the chat from time to time. Tries to learn from all the users and think of clever new questions that will attain the coveted 50/50.