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7R0LL's profile page

7R0LL, also known as 7, can be known for many things. One is for being the only major user to start with a diamond. One is for getting 30 thumbs ups on a comment that wasn't on the homepage. One is for getting banned twice. [REDACTED] 


7R0LL is an avid contributor to the rrrather chat. There he often trolls. He is known for making the alternate accounts Troll and 8R0LL because he got banned. He has a sexy picture of Omar Borkan al Gala as his profile picture. He is the tallest Indian guy.

Getting BannedEdit

7R0LL is also well known for getting banned. The first time he got banned was on September 29th, for calling Nintendogirl a slut. The ban was lifted late the next day. The second time he got banned was on October 10th for posting links to [REDACTED] (a fun lemonade selling game) and [REDACTED] (a way to help Africans get clean water) This ban was lifted late that night. Basically, he gets banned a lot.

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